Monday, August 31, 2015

Parent Questionnaire

Student’s Name :                   __________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name(s): __________________________________________________


Parent Questionnaire (Please return by September 3)

Phone Number / Address

Best Time to call
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*Email address will be also be used for bi-weekly/monthly newsletter about the class.

r I understand the class expectations, policies, and syllabus for Mr. James Cook’s class as shown in handouts my student showed me and/or online.

r I know that Mr. James Cook has a growth-oriented approach to student learning. To facilitate student growth Mr. Cook stays after school every Monday and (with an appointment) most other days. Students learn a lot when they stay after school.

r I know that information about assignments and ways of helping my student are available on Google classroom, on the class website, by emailing, and by calling Mr. James Cook (978-281-9870 ext. 12207).

r I would like to receive the bi-weekly/monthly newsletter, which will include information about what we are studying and ways of helping your student succeed in the class.
r I will attend meet the teacher night (Thursday, September 10, 6:30 PM).
r I will not be able to attend meet the teacher night.

r I have access to student information (including grades) through iPass.
r I do not have access to student information (including grades) through iPass.

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